Patex Shares


PATS are the token of our exchange.
They are called PatexShares, not because they are a "security", since they do not represent a right to property, but because through them we grant different benefits, prizes, bonuses and discounts.

We are currently reformulating and adapting these benefits to adjust to the different regulations that are emerging in some countries in relation to cryptocurrencies, and of course to be able to adapt to the laws of our country.

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Happy Trading!


PatexShares (PATS) were converted into an ERC20 token.

Now you can withdraw, deposit or exchange PATS outside C-Patex using any ERC20 platform.

PATS and ETH have the same deposit address, as they both use the Ethereum blockchain.

At the end of the month, the bonus will be paid in BTC to all the holders of PATS inside our exchange, and in ETH to the users that have them in other sites/wallet.