About Withdraws


  • In the "Balances" tab access the withdraw page of the coin. Add a destiny address to your user's list by clicking in "Manage Address" and on the field "Label" you can enter a name to remember it.

  • You can then click on withdraw all or manually fill the amount, then make sure that the number entered has the right format. Remember to check the minimum required! The fee will be added to that amount later, so remember to subtract the fee from the total amount if you want to withdraw all.

  • Enter the authentication code, and remember that this code is only valid for 30 seconds.
  • Then submit!


All withdraws are executed automatically, and within 5 to 10minutes, unless the hot wallet of that coin is empty, in that case we will be probably working on it, don't worry.

After it is submitted, on the history page you will see the txid showing "On_queue" until it is automatically updated with the txid, unless it couldn't be processed(amount too large or invalid address), then it will show "Check_wallet". If the latter happens, make sure to submit a ticket so we can communicate the reason of the incomplete withdraw and return your funds!