Friends, it is with great sadness that I have to announce that we have closed the exchange.

The main reasons are two: The situation in Argentina and my health.

The tax pressure in Argentina and the increasing regulations, plus the problems we have faced in recent times, are not helping my recovery.

A new exchange will be created in the next few days by members of our community, to continue with the project, in another country, and I am supporting them with my experience and the software that I developed in the last year. I will also make our social networks available to the new exchange so that our followers and users can keep in touch.

In the new project, the PATS will continue to exist in some way. Either as PATS or they could be renamed while keeping their value, or they could be redeemed for a new token. I recommend that you donĀ“t sell them.

On the other hand, we have received help from Xeggex to list the coins of the Blake ecosystem, which, as you know, is the community that has been with us since we started.

We have closed all markets and canceled all pending orders to make the funds available for withdrawal.

As we have almost a hundred wallets and we are in manual mode. Withdrawals will be processed gradually from the next few days until March 31, 2024. Please be patient.

I will be available on Telegram: @magcpx for any questions.