About founder:

Miguel Angel Grau

In 1987 Miguel Angel Grau arrives at Trelew, from Tucumán. Since then he has developed numerous applications and solutions for the wool industry for more than 30 consecutive years, until today. As of 1992, he also teaches and develops solutions for other sectors, and forms computer centers for different media for monitoring elections. MAG Sistemas is born.

Since 2005 he develops and maintains a stock, production and quality system in English for a wool company in China, with headquarters in France. The experience he acquired in China and in Europe complemented his training.

Betting on the constant growth of the internet, starting in the year 2000, he begins to provide hosting services and design web applications. Based on this experience, in 2008 he was hired to develop and maintain the Chubut Lottery website, which offers visitors the result of all draws immediately.

Uniting the experience acquired in the wool industry and knowledge of new technologies, he also developed the site of the Price and Market Information System of PROLANA, a program carried out by INTA and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation. It is then consolidated as a service provider of the Province of Chubut and the National State.

As of 2012 he begins to experiment and study cryptocurrencies on his own: mining, blockchain technology, cryptography, and commerce. Five years later, in 2017, he conceived the project to establish a currency exchange platform: C-Patex.com launches in beta on November 2017.

Cripto Patagonia S.A.

Personeria juridica

Since 2018 C-Patex has been growing as a family business but still as a business unit of MAG Sistemas. To enable C-Patex itself to be a separate company, family members create the company: "Cripto Patagonia S.A.", which is approved by the authorities in 2019 and registered with the Argentine federal tax agency AFIP with the number of CUIT 30-71641341-8.

At the same time, the C-Patex trademark is registered with the Argentine authorities (files 3689432 and 3689433).

Cripto Patagonia S.A. In addition to being the owner and management company of C-Patex, its mission is the investigation, dissemination, and provision of all kinds of services related to computer science applied to businesses with cryptocurrencies.

The Team:

Miguel Angel: Founder and President. Developer.

Daniel Alejandro: Vice President. Public relations. Developer.

Fernando Pablo: Pilot. User support.

Gladys Elizabeth: Administration and Logistics.

Maria Fernanda y Roberto: Datacenter of La Rioja.

M.Trinidad (Trini): User support.